10 December, 2009

Lampe non jetable en laine

Magnifiques ! Les toutes nouvelles suspensions Non Jetable en laine 100 % naturelle, version grise ou naturelle, sont disponibles pour Noël (structure en contreplaqué de bouleau)
Liens :
version grise: http://www.kidslovedesign.com/non-jetable-suspension-en-laine-grise-pour-chambre-enfants.htm
version blanche : http://www.kidslovedesign.com/non-jetable-suspension-en-laine-ecru-pour-chambre-enfants.htm

Wonderful! the new ceiling lamp by NON JETABLE (as seen on the MILK cover) in 100 % natural wool , in white or grey, are available for Christmas! (structure in birch plywood)
Grey version: http://www.kidslovedesign.com/nonjetable-ceiling-lamp-for-a-design-children-bedroom-1502005.htm
Natural version: http://www.kidslovedesign.com/nonjetable-ceiling-lamp-for-a-design-children-bedroom.htm


  1. This will be so dusty ...

  2. Beautiful lamp! This will go perfectly in any room, though I would love to have this on our balcony as it matches my country-inspired outdoor furniture :)