27 October, 2010

joao antonio's room

How lucky is Joao Antonio, who is not yet born and already have this beautiful room to welcome him! We recognize the OEUF sparrow crib, the INKE tree and bird lamp, the RAR chair, the Vitra Elephant, many treasures by Anne-Claire Petit...
Thanks to Carla, his mum for sharing these beautiful pictures made in Portugal, and all the best for the happy adventure!

26 October, 2010

BE Happy collection

La collection BE se développe !
Bientôt les produits seront en ligne, mais en attendant, vous pouvez découvrir le nouveau catalogue ici ; et en attendant, quelques images, comme un avant-goût !

The BE collection is getting bigger, and nicer !
Soon the products will be online ; to wait a little bit longer, you can discover the latest additions here ; and a few pictures, just like a preview !

04 October, 2010

Inspiration - Wyeth's room

A big thanks to Gene & Heidi Na for sending us the beautiful pictures if their 11months son's bedroom, Wyeth. We just love the special design of this room, the fact that everything matches together! Amongst all the beautiful pieces and design, we recognize the OEUF sparrow crib, a new convertible bed available in Europe.

We just love it !

Thanks a lot

03 October, 2010

la chambre pour dormir

A big thanks to Amanda again, for these beautiful pictures of the children's bedroom! Perludi bed, Sirch desk, Panton Jr Chair, bedding by Petites Emplettes, rug by Pilepoil, cushions Paper and Coffee... Only the best for a dream place !