22 September, 2008

A poem from Sweden

Très heureuse de vous présenter ces luminaires, venus tout droit de Suède, en avant première pour KIDSLOVEDESIGN. Les designers, Ulrika Liffner et Thorulf Löfstedt ont crée une collection de luminaires produite en Suède dans le respect de l'environnement. A vous d'apprécier la poésie des objets. Les professionnels intéressés peuvent également contacter kidslovedesign.

We are very pleased to introduce these very cute lights, which come directly from Sweden for the first time in Europe at KIDSLOVEDESIGN. The designers, Ulrika Liffner and Thorulf Löfstedt have created this beautiful collection of lights, made in Sweden by Swedish companies and with the consideration to environmental matters. The practical details and the beauty of The snowroom objects are intended for anyone who desires good design. Professional who are interested in buying these lamps can also contact kidslovedesign.

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