15 June, 2009

H20 architecture-la chambre d'Eva

Vu sur le blog de Jennifer MinorDetails, la superbe réalisation de l'agence d'architecture H2O Architects; ceux-ci ont en effet du résoudre le problème d'une famille, qui s'est agrandie mais dont le maison ne pouvait avoir une extension. En attendant l'enfant, ils ont créé un nouvel espace dans l'existant, dont voici le résultat.

As seen on Jennifer's blog MinorDetails , the great job done by French practice H2O Architects ; they had a problem to solve for a family, who was expanding but their home could not. With a new baby on the way, they recreated space within space and HERE is what they came up with.

The arrival of a new child in the family pressed a young couple to think about a way to divide a room into two parts. The idea was to provide a personal space to each child. The project answers to this request of separation by adding a third space making the partition. The creation of a “multiple-use furniture” in the middle of the space allows to add some depth to the primary basic partition. It afford passages, secret storage, bed, office… in a funny way. The specific blend generates a concentrated typology of spaces and situations in perpetual renewal. The new partition is porous creating steps, cavities and niches which suggests many possibilities for appropriation (climbing, hidding, drawing, etc…). Many uncharted and intermediate spaces led by the furniture allow for the invention of any kind of practices and uses. Let’s play!

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